Knowledge base

Introduction (3)

An Overview of Painted Tree

Setting Up Your Space (3)

Making your space your own makes a huge difference! We’ve seen historically that shops with additional structure and lighting have additional success! We encourage you to get creative with your shop’s design!

Safety & Security (2)

We take Safety and security seriously. We train our staff to be on the lookout for potential shoplifters as they walk the aisles. We place real and dummy cameras throughout the store and encourage you to setup your own. We encourage you to use security tags on your items that we provide at no extra cost to you. While we do our best to deter shoplifting, like other major retailers, theft still occurs from time to time. Painted Tree is not responsible for any loss that occurs due to theft or any other reason and does not insure inventory or personal property for potential losses.

Inventory Management (4)

Painted Tree uses a Point of Sale software that tracks and posts each sale in real time to the cloud. You will be given a vendor ID that links to your online account where you can see sold items, view your account balance, add new inventory, and manage existing inventory all from your computer or smartphone. When adding a new item, you can input the price, quantity, and description. Each of your items will have your own unique ID on the barcode labels that we print for you. When purchased, the item will automatically be sold under your account where you can see your sales all day, everyday. Simply notify our team when you want to offer a sale and we will post a sign in your space sharing the details.

Rent, Fees, & Checks (2)

Rent is due on the 1st of each month. Painted Tree will take out the rent payment and applicable fees from the previous month’s sales. If there is a balance, we will send an invoice and the credit or debit account you provide will be charged for the balance automatically. In the event the credit or debit card is declined, the balance should be paid promptly though a five-day grace period is provided. Once defaulted, your account will be turned over to a collection agency for them to handle from that point on. This may impact your credit score. A 10% commission on total sales will be deducted from each payout which is primarily used to cover the costs of the sale like credit card fees, bags, wrapping paper, and staffing. Payout will be issued on the 1st of the month. The amount will be your total sales, minus 10% commission, and the next month’s rent. Checks can be picked up at the front desk. Should the payout happen during a weekend, checks will be available the following Monday.

VIP Vendors (1)

A VIP Vendor is someone who rents space in 3 or more locations or has rent that totals more than $2000 a month.