Was I double charged? I see a charge on my credit card statement, and on my consignor account.

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The activity on your consignor account is a reflection of rent balances and payments made to your account.  Your consignor account acts as a paper trail for all sales, balances, and payments.  

At the end of the month, if there is a balance on the account (think sales are less than next month’s rent and fees), then a debit (represented by an amount in parentheses) will be shown on your consignor access dashboard in a blue box with the words “amount that ‘location’ owes you” at the bottom of the box.  If this amount has parentheses around it, then it is a negative number meaning you actually owe the location the amount in blue box.

The amount is owed on the first of the month and the card on file will be charged for the balance within the first few days of the month.  Depending on the credit card company, the amount may show up as a pending charge for a few days before it clears.  Once the charge has cleared, our team then manually records the transaction into your consignor account, which may take a few more days.  

Before our team manually credits your account for the cleared payment, it will appear as though there is still a debit on the account.  So if you are logged in to your consignor access dashboard, you may still see a negative balance.  On the activity tab, you will see an amount for last month’s rent in parentheses plus your sales.  When your payment is recorded, you’ll see an adjustment crediting the account for the difference between your sales and your rent and fees for last month.  

If no payments are received (usually due to the card on file being declined), the negative balance rolls over to the next month in addition to the next month’s rent.  

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