Vendor ID (or Consignor ID)

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Upon securing a space, you will receive a welcome email with your Vendor ID (otherwise known as a Consignor ID).  This ID identifies your account and is automatically added to your barcode price tags so that any item sold will be credited to your account.  You’ll use this ID to enter the Consignor Access to track all of the transactions on your account.  

If multiple people are sharing a space, it is often best to create a vendor ID for each person sharing the space in order to track each individuals sales separately.  It is also possible to split the rent amount multiple ID’s so that if two people are sharing a space with a rent of $200, each vendor ID could pay $100 in rent.  Consult with your store manager to setup multiple ID’s.

It is possible to use the same Vendor ID in multiple locations.  Reach out to your manager or sales representative so they can transfer your ID to your new location.  

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